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Focus On: Festive Films @ BFI Southbank

With a handful of shopping weeks until the big day, why not take things a little easier and join in the festive fun at BFI Southbank. You will no doubt see a twinkle in both kids and adults alike as this popular venue takes centre stage for a magnificent Christmas film fiesta.


Situated towards the south of Waterloo Bridge comprising of the main cultural hub along the iconic South Bank, there’s plenty to see and do in the local area. This includes a dizzying array of shops, bars and restaurants not to mention the River Thames in all its glory.


BFI has seen a number of different unique films over the years as well as an annual film festival all of its own. But that’s enough hogging the limelight for the time being.



(c) wikimedia.org


Christmas at BFI Southbank is set to fill you with a warm glow all over and that’s before the mulled wine kicks in! Bask in some of the most nostalgic films of all time thanks to exclusive screenings featuring the likes of It’s A Wonderful Life.


There will also be a couple of modern classics thrown in for good measure thanks to Jim Henson as The Muppet Christmas Carol comes riding into Old London Town.


Annex - Stewart, James (It's a Wonderful Life)_01

(c) doctormacro.com


An ideal way to spend the afternoon or evening, It’s A Wonderful Life will no doubt capture the mood with not a Bah Humbug in sight.


It stars James Stewart who plays the role of a small town man who is paid a visit by a guardian angel after being swept up by despair before the Christmas period.


However, there are still more stocking fillers to tempt you down to SE1. Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas is yet another Crimbo treat for BFI fans.



(c) kaboooom.com


With the added benefit of glorious three dimensions, this particular film is brought to life on the silver screen by Jack Skellington, otherwise known as the King of Halloween Town.


Other spooktacular offerings includes the aptly titled Gothic Horror Season at BFI Southbank. Consisting of four main themes, it entails Monstrous, The Dark Arts, Haunted and Love is a Devil. Exploring these themes is certainly not for the feint hearted but what lies in store?



(c) bfi.org.uk


It highlights a variety of intriguing sub-genres across more than 13 different programme selections. From the scintillating and thought provoking German Expressionism movement to the Universal Studios and Hammer Films, it seems Gothic is very much alive.


There are also a wealth of screenings taking place until January 2014, whilst Christmas at BFI Southbank officially runs until the 29th of December 2013. The nearest tube station is Waterloo.


Can you feel a sudden chill in the air!






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