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Restaurant Spy: Peyote

So what rhymes with Wile E. Coyete…Peyote of course! Our moles in the capital have come up with yet another hot culinary discovery. Time to get your sombreros at the ready as Peyote hits the streets of London.


Situated on Cork Street in Mayfair, it now sits proudly on the site formerly belonging to Aurelia.  The brains behind Peyote is none other than Arjun Waney.


This major venture capitalist is responsible for the likes of Zuma as well as the prestigious Arts Club and the oh so popular Roka.





You won’t need Hercule Poirot to deduce what this new venue is all about as this Mexican joint is set to be as fiery as a ghost chilli!


In additon, you will find plenty of authenticity at Peyote thanks to Eduardo García who comes from highly acclaimed Máximo Bistrot in the heart of Mexico City.


Its South American inspiration is set to go toe to toe with some of the best restaurants in London from Steam and Rye to the highly anticipated Hixter.


So what’s cooking? The menu is a collaboration between García and head chef Hili San whose credentials include the likes of Buddha Bar and Nobu based on Park Lane.



(c) diamondtillingsouth.co.uk


Experience some of the finest Mexican fare this side of the Atlantic with a number of different sharing plates. This features mouth-watering ceviche not to mention classic tuna laminado, tostados and oozing quesadillas brimming with shrimp.


One of the main highlights to watch out for is their signature guacamole which is the ideal starter to salivate over. But wait, we have only just got started! There is also a bar which takes pride in the fact that it’s home to a stonking 100 different types of tequila.


You can enjoy an impressive mezcal selection, whilst real enthusiasts will be able to purchase a bottle and keep it in one of their exclusive tequila lockers.



(c) inanutshell.ca


But where does the name come from? Peyote is actually named after a teeny tiny cactus residing in the Chihuahuan desert and is best known for its use in medicine across Mexico.


Other highlights deliver an innovative Cactus Salad, Fish tacos, Stone bass served with guajillo sauce and lip smacking doughy Churros with a rich chocolate sauce.



(c) en.paperblog.com


You can wash this all down with an array of tasty cocktails such as the Gringo incorporating Rye Whisky, Antica Formula and Plum Bitters or an Old Sazerak with Anejo Tequila, Caramel Liquor, Creole bitters and a shot of Absinthe.


If that’s not put your head in a spin, Absinthe aside, then the striking Chefs Table will put you in a complete daze and caters for up to 12 diners.


Looks like the festive period is all set for a Mexican twist. Anyone for sherry and piñata!





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