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Restaurant Spy: Steam and Rye

Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry and them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye…well you get the picture! As Don Mclean sings about American Pie, the capital welcomes Steam and Rye.


But we don’t need any artist to sing its culinary praises. So what lies in store dear friends behind the pass?


An odd couple you might think but Nick “Mahiki, Bodo Schloss” House has teamed up alongside Kelly “the pinup” Brook to indulge us with this brand new venture.



(c) activemusician.com


Opened this week, you can expect plenty from Steam and Rye which boasts an impressive dining space with room for more than 500 people! In addition to this, the location may just knock you for six or maybe seven.


Housed inside what was previously the Bank of New York, its City position will no doubt draw an extremely diverse crowd.



(c) kellybrook.com


On the other hand, you will be able to find plenty of glitz and glam inside thanks to its throwback to the American golden era. But wait, there’s no need to get all patriotic just yet.


Think Gangs of New York meets The Godfather and the result is of course one of London’s hottest new venues for 2013.


Diners and music enthusiasts alike can have the chance to take advantage of live music which will be offered in the bar area, whilst there will also be a range of genres to enjoy.


Taking some of its inspiration from the iconic Grand Central Station in the Big Apple, this heady site provides the aptly named Main Hall as well as Station Gardens.


This includes a beautiful bar not to mention a live stage and even a dining carriage. Sounds like full steam ahead.


Kelly Brook

(c) mydaily.co.uk


Of course you will find all the usual good old American grub available inside from USDA high quality grade beef from the depths of Omaha to raging bull BBQ spare ribs.


Furthermore, these succulent beefy numbers will all be cooked (or should that be rounded) up on a high quality Josper Grill. The kitchen brigade is led by none other than Andrew McLeish. So what are his gastronomic credentials?


It turns out that he has plenty of impressive strings to his bow thanks to Chapter One based in Kent, whilst Andy Mill from the London Cocktail Club is also joining him.



(c) natedsanders.com


Why not head downstairs where you will find the 1st Class Cocktail Carriage. This stylish retreat is bedecked with luxurious booths that is covered in more velvet than Elvis Presley.


With the festive season just around the corner, this is one place you can certainly bank on.


All aboard for the Steam and Rye Express.





Simon Lazarus is an experienced PR/Business Consultant and copywriter with a number of clients across different territories including the US, Europe, Asia, China and the Middle East. His vast portfolio includes writing content for a variety of sites on food and drink, travel, personal finance, news, showbiz, sport, technology and much more. He also advises businesses on strategies and marketing across different sectors

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