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A superior, three-star hotel in the heart of London's bustling West End, the St Giles Hotel, London offers a convenient and comfortable place to stay in the centre of the city. It is perched on the cusp where Bloomsbury mee ... Read More »

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Central London

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Piccadilly Circus is generally acknowledged as the centre of London. Located in the West End which is a mecca for visitors

The big question – where to stay in London !

Ok so you want to visit London and you are researching where to stay?   There is a good chance that the London websites you have visited have been written by people thousands of miles away and are simply regurgitating information from the net.

 "We are local ....Our aim is to give you a first hand account of which area would suit you best"

Central London is a small area only 3 miles east to west and 2 miles north to south.  Another way of explaining it is by the tube system where it can be loosely defined as everything with the Zone 1.

The transport facilities within this area are prolific, simple to use and mainly efficient and so if you have no issues using public transport then you can chose any part of central London in which to stay. It is possible to travel by a tube train from Earls Court in the west to Tower Hill in the east in under 40 minutes with no changes.

"There are specialist activity areas which may influence your choice"

Looking at the various sub areas of central London may help you decide.  There are 5 general districts to consider:

City of London

The very eastern part of central London, and also known as the Square Mile, this is the business district.   With the exception of the Tower of London there are no major visitor attractions or shopping areas. Some of the best hotels in London can be found in this area and at the weekends they can be a great deal due to a lack of business people.[more..]

West End

The St Giles Hotel London in the West End

Stretching from Mayfair in the west to Covent Garden in the east, this is the very epicentre of London and contains most of the accepted attractions with Theatreland, Oxford Street shopping, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus.

It is a 24 hour district geared to the visitor to London.  Like any other city it has its good and its bad points in terms of value for money and can be a good or bad experience. As actual residents are in the minority, most everything is geared to the tourist or visiting shopper. Restaurants range from diabolical tourist traps up to Michelin star gastronomic experiences. In general it is expensive but offers the convenience of having most attractions within walking distance. Hotels in the West End tend to have the highest prices.[more..]


Kensington/Earls Court

Located in the south west part of central London, Kensington, South Kensington, Earls Court and  Chelsea were historically a later part of London's growth and an area occupied by more cultural people escaping from the cluttered more central areas.  As such there are wide leafy streets, classic architectural buildings and a more residential feel to the area.

 "Must visit" attractions include most of London's museums, Harrods department store, Hyde Park, the shopping area around Knightsbridge and the famous Kings Road for its restaurants and upmarket trendy bars.

Transport facilities are superb with travel to the West End being an easy 10 minute tube ride with trains every 5 or 6 minutes.  There is also a direct tube service into Heathrow Airport.  Being an extremely upmarket residential area, the retailers  have to offer good value for money.

In particular, South Kensington is a first class choice for your stay.  It is safe at night to walk the streets and offers less night noise than in the West End.  Hotels here are 20% cheaper than in the West End.  See our Kensington Information pages about what to do and see in Kensington.


Victoria is the southern area of central London and can be located just south of Green Park running down to the River Thames at Pimlico.  In the northern part is Belgravia which is seriously upmarket and a 5 star shopping area.  The main central part is Victoria itself.  Once an area of budget accommodation, in recent years some of the best 4 star hotels in London have sprung up.

In general terms, the closer you are to Buckingham Palace in the north of the area, the higher the price and quality.

Attractions in the area are few and far between but the West End is very close, about a 20 minute walk away or a very few minutes by tube or bus.

Victoria is also the station terminal for the Gatwick Express service to the airport.[more..]


 Paddington / Bayswater

Immediately north of Hyde Park, this is an accepted popular place to stay.  The West End is walkable as is Hyde Park.  It is also where you can find the terminal for the Heathrow Express which offers a 16 minute, if not expensive, trip to the airport.

This area is wall to wall hotels, generally characterless and could be called the "hotel district".  Quality is extremely variable and it pays to research well beforehand.  The same applies to restaurants.

Hotels here are cheaper than in the West End or Kensington.  It is a busy area and relatively safe at night.[more..]


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