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North West London

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"Best known for Hampstead, Primrose Hill,  St Johns Wood, Swiss Cottage and Regents Park"

North West London is one of the city's wealthiest quarters, with extraordinarily affluent areas such as Primrose Hill and Hampstead, which contains the most millionaires within its borders than any other region of the UK.


It is also a very diverse cross section of the city, from Camden, where you will find the heart of London's alternative cultural scene; to the retail and entertainment outposts, Brent Cross, which houses a large shopping centre and Wembley, where the Arena and Stadium are located for large-scale sports matches and concerts; and the quieter, greener enclaves of Cricklewod and Dollis Hill in the far north.


"Brent Cross is the only major London centre to provide 8,000 FREE parking spaces for its customers"

North west London officially starts at Marylebone, just north of Hyde Park, here you will find Madame Tussaud's waxwork museum and The Planetarium, two of London's most well-attended attractions, where queues can take up to two hours to diminish. With new interactive waxworks and a 360-degree 'star-dome', both museums are great for educating and entertaining kids, or just scaring them silly in the Chamber of Horrors.


"The Abbey National had to employ a full-time secretary to answer mail addressed to Sherlock Holmes at that address"

Marylebone is also home to London's most renowned fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, who was said to live at 221b Baker Street, and many tourists arrive expecting the great man to be real.


Marylebone also encompasses Regent's Park to the north, a very picturesque green space surrounded by elegant town houses designed by John Nash. Regent's Park is the home of London Zoo and the Zoological Society, so you can be reassured that whilst you are admiring the animals, their habitats are also used to advance biological research.


"The Danubius Hotel has bedrooms that actually look onto the pitch at Lords Cricket Club"

North of Marylebone you will also find St John's Wood, an attractive and expensive district to live in, the area is home to Lord's Cricket Club


"The Beatles crossing Abbey Road became the first 3d augmented reality app in the UK"

Five minutes walk from St Johns Wood tunbe station is Abbey Road.  Here you can recreate the famous cover of The Beatles' Abbey Road album, because the crossing still exists and is the only pedestrian crossing in the world to be a listed heritage site.



"Primrose Hill pubs are a serious place to go celeb spotting"

Primrose Hill is a very popular green space, surrounded by mansions, which vaguely resemble wedding cakes and populated with London's elite, the area is very expensive, however if you take a short stroll to the north, the mansions give way to stalls selling pentagram necklaces and studded dog collars and the people walking the streets start to look decidedly more colourful.


"Camden Market is  an essential visit"

Camden really couldn't be more different from Primrose Hill, although it is much more upmarket than it used to be these days. Camden has some fantastic markets to explore and some very unique shops. With an artistic, bohemian vibe and a young crowd, nightlife in Camden is very vibrant, with an emphasis on live music and a mix of traditional pubs and trendy bars, definitely one not to miss.


To the North of Camden, you will find Hampstead, where Hampstead Heath, one of London's most popular green spaces is located, with its stunning panoramic views of the city. Hampstead is a very moneyed district, where you will see some very well heeled locals perusing the artisan goods in the local shops.


"As recently as 1940, cattle were reared on Hampstead Heath and sold at Smithfield Market"

Hampstead has a much more villagey feel than central London and is a great place to stop for a picnic on sunny days. Further north, you will reach the more suburban parts of London, which have either been over-run by industry in the Victorian era and are due some renovation, or are pleasant, peaceful, leafy enclaves, where you can enjoy a mix of town and country. 


The north west of the city may be a mixed bag, but parts of the quarter offer very reasonable accommodation in a great location and there are some of the city's most intriguing parts to shop, explore, eat and drink in. International transport links are also good, so any travellers from overseas should consider staying her for their trip to London.

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