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Shopping in Kensington

Apart from visiting the sights and attractions of Kensington, its also a great place to shop for those unusual things not found in the big high street stores.  So get out of your hotel and find a cash machine!

If you are looking to shed some serious cash then take a trip to Kensington in South West Central London.  Here is where you will find an array of superb individual stores as well as boutique shops that are as chic as the shores of St. Tropez.


Sampler wine store London

The Sampler in South Kensington

Firstly if you are after some fine wines, then head to The Sampler at 35 Thurloe Place. Located close to Old Brompton Road, drink your way through more than 75 wines. This is considered to be one of the most exclusive wine shops in the capital where the selection is as sharp as well poured glass of Sauvignon Blanc.


Penhaligons London

Penhaligons Perfumerie

Meanwhile, if you want to smell as fresh as a daisy then you should definitely check out Penhaligon’s. Situated at 18 Beauchamp Place in the heart of Knightsbridge, this store is as quintessentially British as Wills and Kate playing croquet on the lawn.

In fact this high end perfumerie has the royal seal of approval just for good measure. Stretching back 130 years it was created by William Henry Penhaligon.

Inside, you will find a wide variety of scents and fragrances that will awaken your senses including the likes of the classic Hammam Bouquet.

It really is the perfect excuse to sample some incredible scents as well as taking advantage of their dedicated scent library. There are even different types of soaps and grooming products available.

When it comes to kids, there is no better place than the Children’s Book Centre at 237 Kensington High Street. It’s a really wonderful universe where your children will find everything from books to videos and much more.


Rigby and Peller London

Rigby and Peller

Mere mortals buy underwear from high street stores but if you want to dress like the Queen then visit Rigby and Peller on Hans Road.

This is where you will find a host of fine undergarments, bras and tributes to the highest quality corsetry.


Sally Clarkes bakery

Sally Clarkes bakery and restaurant

Hungry for more? Then get yourself to & Clarkes at 112 Kensington Church Street. This is where you can unleash your palettes on more than an incredible 2000 loaves which are freshly baked every evening.

Choose from tasty delights such as fig and fennel not to mention rosemary and raisin which has made this shop one of the go to bread stores in the capital.

If that’s not enough, they also have a sublime choice of handmade jams, jellies and a stonking (should that be stinking) 40 different varieties of cheeses.


Jane Ashers party Cakes

Jane Ashers Party Cakes


If you are in need of a celebration or simply want to indulge then visit Jane Ashers Party Cakes in glorious Chelsea.

Known as the Queen of Cakes, this store has been open since 1990 and provides a wide variety of tantalising cakes, iced products not to mention cupcakes and all sorts of delectable patisserie.

She counts the Prince of Wales as one of her clientele whilst they can cater for a host of birthdays, celebrations and saucy related cakes.

When it comes to high end stationary then Papyrus on Fulham Road is another wonderful store. Thanks to their own team of experts, be inspired by their fabulous range of accessories and books which makes it a really unique find. 


Others of note:

The Wholefood Market on High Street Kensington has speciality foods of artisan standard.  You can also eat here from an amazing variety of cuisines.  Check out the bakery as you enter.



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