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In depth guide to the St Giles Hotel London

Our global nomads, Ian and Janice,  spend a night at this 3 star Bloomsbury hotel to see if it offers value for money accommodation


I have always thought that the leisure visitor to London has to pay through the teeth for every single aspect of their visit and especially accommodation in a half decent and convenient area. With that in mind Janice and I decided to see if we could find a central London budget hotel which offered realistic value for money. The perfect opportunity arose when we had a 24 hour stopover in London after arriving from Dubai.

We decided that we would first select the area and we would our criteria on convenient, popularity, ease of access and how "tourist friendly" it was.  Our conclusive selection was the district of Bloomsbury as its good for theatres, Oxford Street, Soho and transport links.  Many of London's major attractions are within easy walking distance.

In recent years, Bloomsbury has become even more popular due to the neighbouring Eurostar terminal at St Pancras which has boosted tourism in the area and spawned many hotel openings. 

We wanted to find cheap accommodation in the southern part of the district (the most popular) so that we were in fact very close to Covent Garden and away from Kings Cross area which is not particularly to our linking. We therefore restricted our search to the area around the British Museum with Russell square being the maximum acceptable northern point. We knew that this part of Bloomsbury would allow quick on-foot access to many attractions including the shopping areas of Oxford Street and the restaurants, shops and markets around Covent Garden and Neal Street.

We used the london-hotels.co.uk website which is the only price comparision facility dedicated to locating a London hotel. 


The London-Hotels.co.uk page for Bloomsbury Hotels

 The London-Hotels.co.uk info guide and price comparison page for Bloomsbury
A quick search for our intended date resulted in us locating 37 hotels actually within Bloomsbury and over 150 more within 1km. These covered hotels and apartments from hostels to 5 star luxury.
As the objective was to spend a little as possible, but not book a flea pit, we had set a maximum target price of £100 for a double or twin bedroom including tax and breakfast. We quickly discounted the Royal National Hotel as we knew from previous inspections that its a noisy hotel, targetting tour groups and students, and they party late into the early hours.  That was not what we wanted.
Some of the bed and breakfasts in that area are actually quite good but we prefer the anonymity of a hotel.
We located the St Giles Hotel at 88 pounds including tax but excluding breakfast.  It was only 100m from the Tottenham Court Tube station and had a large bar, restaurant and even a swimming pool and gym. We filed out the booking form and immediately received a confirmation email.
With the booking in place we headed for Dubai Airport and boared our BA flight to London Heathrow.
St Giles Hotel in Bloomsbury, Central London
The St Giles Hotel London

Quick Facts about the St Giles Hotel, London
Bedford Avenue, London, WC1B 3GH
Number of rooms:
Earliest check in:
Latest check out:
51° 31' 3.77" N
0° 7' 49.54" W
Review Score:
6.4 / 10
Near to:
Russell Square




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