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Discover Kensington - unique things to do and see
London, SW7

Everyone knows about the Museums, Harrods, the Royal Albert Hall and such like but what about niche attractions that are mainly geared up for locals and visitors in the know?


Unique attractions around Kensington


The History Studios

The History Studio in Kensington

164 Brompton Road, SW3 1HN

Situated in the south of Kensington on the border with Knightsbridge is the History Studio.  Here you can select your historical costume and have an old time portait taken.

Themes range from Tudor right through to Wild West and Chicago gangster!

Costumes and make up applied by professionals for a very realistic finish.  


 Urban Golf at Kensington National

Kensington Urban Golf

Tube Station Shopping Arcade

Kensington High Street, W8 5SF

Practice your golf in the heart of Kensington.  

Simulators, coaching suite, giant HD screen and seating area, cocktail bar, bar snack, practice greens, golf billiards.

Have a cocktail and wear jeans whilst hitting the balls.  The club organises competitions and tournaments. [more..]