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Ian and Janice Go To London

London Hotels with Casinos

  Our intrepid global nomads, Ian and Janice,  find hidden casinos in London hotels   Visiting a London casino does not necessarily mean you want to have a flutter.  In some areas of London it's difficult to get a drink late at night. Many hotel bars close before midnight and let's face it you are probably on holiday and don't want the day to finish or join the beautiful people in a club.   We found (and visited) 2 hotels which have casinos in the basement which are open very late at night. In fact one does not close at all.   The Ritz Club Casino [image: the Ritz...   more ⇒

Ian and Janice go to Kensington

Ian and Janice go to Kensington Our intrepid global nomads, Ian and Janice,  review where to stay in Kensington, London Bio: Ian and Janice contribute to various websites about their travels and experiences. Their claim to fame is producing the very first internet travel site in the UK.    Since those heady days of internet pioneering,  they spend their time being on a permanent "gap year" with an ever growing love affair with the culture of the Middle East and Far East.   Loves: Bangkok for its food; Hong Kong for its vibrancy; London for its interest factor; the Sp...   more ⇒