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Visitor Resources

A guide to London visitor resources - currency

Local currency in London   Unlike most of Europe, the United Kingdom ( England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) use the British Pound. The paper denominations are £50 (red),  £20 (purple), £10 (orange) and £5 (blue). Coins are £2, £1, 50 pence, 20 pence, 10 pence, 5 pence and 1 pence.  There are 100 pence in one British pound.The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man coins and banknotes have different designs but are still legal tender and the same values. If you are arriving from outside the European Union, then on arrival, you will be r...   more ⇒

A guide to London visitor resources - travel around London

  Travel around London     As a rough guide, if you are visiting London for more than a couple of days and intend using public transport, then it's worthwhile organising an Oyster Card.  This is a pre paid plastic card that you can top up as you use it. Every time you use a tube train, tramlink, DLR, bus or participating rail service, you swipe the card on the yellow reader and it automatically deduces from your card's available balance.   With your Oyster Card, you can purchase a fixed amount of credit or even purchase a week, month or year unlimited travel around Lo...   more ⇒

A guide to London visitor resources - tipping people

Tipping in London   Tipping is usually one of the first questions that you ask.  It's usual, but not compulsory, to tip in taxis, hairdressers, restaurants and bars. Also in hotels for extra services such as room service and concierge. In taxis, locals usually just leave the cabbie the loose change up a £1. The maximum tip, for example the airport to your hotel, would be £2 and the driver will be very happy with that. Hairdressers are expectant of a higher tip, maybe around 10%. The same applies to restaurants but check the bill as most times its already built into th...   more ⇒

A guide to London visitor resources - what to bring with you to London

Its not a big list, but there are some things that are essential for your visit to London. Umbrella Plug adaptor Camera Tube map Map of London Passport Pre purchased Oyster Card All weather clothing Comfortable walking shoes Check with your phone operator that your mobile is set up for use in the UK Travel insurance  << Travel services around London                                                                 ...   more ⇒

A guide to London visitor resources - London Weather

  The Weather in London The weather on London can be unpredictable even in the Summer months so always be prepared for rain. The snowy months are usually around February but frost can occur anytime between November and March. Generally the weather goes downhill from November onwards with a good chance of windy grey days. Easter usually marks the start of better weather. The weather is normally a couple of degrees warmer than outlying areas due to urban heating and consequently central London is one of the warmest places in the UK. Surprisingly, the annual rainfall in London is less tha...   more ⇒