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Travelling around London

London Airport Hotels

There are currently five airports serving London. Nearest of these is London City Airport which is situated just 10 miles (16km) from the West End (the shopping and political district), six miles (10km) from the City of London (the financial district) and three miles (5km) from Canary Wharf (London's newest business and financial centre). Largest is of course London Heathrow Airport located to the west of London. Gatwick Airport lies to the south near Crawley and Stansted to the north-east. Luton is north of London. All London airports offer transit services into central london. Heathrow and g...   more ⇒

Travelling to London EC2 by DLR

  The Docklands Light Railway (DLR), which opened in 1987, provides a driverless train service which serves east London, the City and surrounding areas, providing an ideal way for travellers to reach the EC2 area. Bank Station, which has an entrance on Princes Street EC2, can be reached via the DLR, from stations such as Stratford, Greenwich and the award winning London City Airport Station, which opened in December 2005. Much of the DLR network runs on an elevated track, providing excellent views the river Thames and many historical and contemporary buildings within the City of London. ...   more ⇒

Using the Tube System

"over 80,000 umbrellas are lost every year on the London Underground" London Underground, or, the Tube as it is commonly known, is perhaps the most convenient way to get around central London.   It covers the heart of the city very well, and only becomes less useful when you might be visiting some of the suburban areas in which the stations are set further apart.    The first Tube trains ran between Paddington and Farringdon stations on what is now the Metropolitan Line. The London Underground ran the very first electric trains in the world from 1890. The service was incredibly...   more ⇒

Using London Taxis

Taxis are one of the most instantly recognisable aspects of London. Along with its red telephone boxes, bobbies and beefeaters, the black cab is one of the long-standing symbols of London and its traditions. They are plentiful, convenient, and pride themselves on being able to take you wherever you want to go.   There are two types of taxi in London: the black cab, and the minicab. The black cab is a taxi that is available for general hire off the streets. It will be a large black car with a yellow light mounted on the top. If the yellow light is illuminated then the taxi is available for...   more ⇒

The Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express is a fast train that runs straight from London Gatwick Airport to London Victoria station. It leaves every fifteen minutes, and the journey time is roughly half an hour. Although it is significantly more expensive than the regular suburban trains, it offers more space, better storage from luggage, and it gets you to London much faster.   The Gatwick Express runs from platforms 1 and 2 at Gatwick Airport train station. The station itself is located at the South Terminal. If you have arrived via the South Terminal then you can find the train station by coming into the ma...   more ⇒

Using the London River Bus

In addition to the many sightseeing river boat services, Transport for London also runs a number of river buses. These offer regular, comprehensive services up and down the river, from Hampton Court in the west to Woolwich in the east. They are a scenic and relaxing way to travel around the city, if the sights you want to see are all near enough to the river, but they are not included in Travelcard or Oyster card payments (although if you have a Travelcard or an Oyster card travel on the river buses is discounted), so you will need to bring some extra money.   The question of who owned th...   more ⇒

Using the Heathrow Express

The Heathrow Express bills itself as the fastest way from the airport into the centre of London, and, as long as you want to go to Paddington, it is. It is a train service that takes you directly from the airport to London Paddington station.   The service was started in 1998, and today carries around 16,000 passengers a day. It is a fast, direct train that reaches Heathrow in just 15 minutes for Terminals 1 and 3, 25 minutes for Terminal 4, and 21 minutes for Terminal 5. The Heathrow Express has carried more than 60 million people since it started in service.    On board the tr...   more ⇒

Using London Buses

London’s red double-decker buses are world-famous, and for those who are exploring the city on a budget, they offer a comprehensive, cheap way of getting around the city, and many of them run long into the night. They run to all corners of the city, and, although the process is not immediately obvious, once you understand the system, they offer a way of getting to places that the tube network does not come close to.   Buses have run on the streets ofLondon, ever since George Shillibeer set up his omnibus service (literally meaning “for everyone”) in 1829. These buses ran...   more ⇒

Cycle Hire in London

As well as buses, taxis, trains, the Underground, boats, and walking, London also offers another form of public transport. Since 2010, bicycles have been available for hire around the city. There are many docking stations, especially in the centre of the town, so, if you have to get somewhere within cycling distance, it is easy to just pick up a bike and ride over.   The system of cycle hires has been designed to be convenient and low-cost. There are many docking stations around the city, and you should pick a bicycle up from one of them and deposit it at one near your destination.  ...   more ⇒

London Travel Information Centres

    Travelling around London - The TFL Travel Centres   There are official Transport for London travel centres strategically located around central London.  I find the staff on the whole pretty knowledgeable and most of the time helpful.  They must have such patience to be handling hundreds of enquiries every day in multiple languages! At these centres you can get your Oyster or Travelcard which are essential if you are staying for more than a day.  They will tell you how to get back to the airport or train station and I have regularly heard them helping physicall...   more ⇒

London Travel Planner

London Travel Planner  You can use this handy little widget to plan your travels around London.  Simply enter your departure and arrival locations to access the TFL database of travel information.   Journey Planner StationPostcodeAddressPlace of interest StationPostcodeAddressPlace of interest More options ...   more ⇒