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London Hotels by location - where to stay

If you are new to London then you may wonder where are the most suited hotels to match your requirements. In general, if you are within the Zone 1 underground area then you are sufficiently central to access all attractions easily. (Just to explain, London tube system is divided into 6 zones which start at Zone 1 in the centre and radiate out as far as Zone 6 (Heathrow Airport).  It is cheaper to buy a Travelcard for just Zones 1 and 2 than for all zones.) Zone 1 runs from Kensington in the west to The City of London in the east with Oxford Street and Theatreland in the core. Running nor...   more ⇒

Accommodation advice from our staff

  Our Tips to help you find your ideal accommodation   Leisure visitor at the weekend and looking for a deal? Try searching the City of London.  These 4 and 5 star deluxe hotels are mainly for weekday business persons and tend to offer cheaper rates on Friday and Saturday nights. Our choice of area South Kensington:  our number one choice of area.  This upmarket part of central London hosts most of London Museums and also best restaurants and bars.  It is also very safe and has fantastic travel links. When central London hotels are full Try Hammersmith; the trave...   more ⇒